3 Factors to Consider when Starting a Company Overseas

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3 Factors to Consider when Starting a Company Overseas

Starting a company abroad might be easier than most would assume, provided you take into account several factors. So, before you decide to leave your familiar business environment, here are several things to bear in mind when planning your business in a foreign country.

1. Setting up and Incorporation Process

The World Bank in conjunction with the International Finance Corporation have set up an excellent page that goes on to compare the number of procedures, the amount of time, and costs involved in forming a business concern in 183 countries globally. Whilst the page may have been specifically designed for businesses that have a workforce contingent of between 10 and 50, it can still be a useful tool even if you plan something larger or smaller.

2. Localize your Business Idea and Vision

Entering and understanding the local culture is vital for any forward looking entrepreneur. You may start by finding a local investor or mentor who can guide you in this respect so that your business idea and vision can integrate flawlessly with local cultures and business norms. Remember too that you may need to learn the local language.

3. Hire a Good Law Firm

A vital component must be to engage the services of professionals who understand the domestic intricacies such a knowledgeable law firm and perhaps an accountant. Being in a new territory will come with its own challenges especially on taxation matters and getting a company that gives expert advice is highly recommended.


Never for a moment forget that the most valuable business asset your company has is the human touch, perhaps even more vital than having some of the most advanced technologies Take maximum care of yourself, your staff members, suppliers, and most significantly your customers, and your business future promises to be bright and prosperous.