Finding a good employee

Maud Jönsson      -    366 Views

Finding a good employee

In order to hire the best employees for your business, you have to be clear on what you want. This may sound simple, but do think at some depth about what you want your employees to do; the more specific you can be the clearer the picture you will get of a prospective employee’s ability to meet your needs.

Be clear about what you want

Once you have decided on the kind of person you want for the job, put it into a person specification that will sit alongside your job description. It is almost impossible to put everything a job entails into a job specification so being clear on the qualities you require in an employee will help them to show you how well they suit what you are looking for.

Be open and honest

Just as you will want those you interview to be honest with you so they will appreciate you being frank and honest with them. Encourage questions during interview; the type of questions a prospective employee asks will help you understand how they have thought about and prepared for the interview.

Don’t be afraid to explore

The more you understand about someone the better, but it can also generate further questions; don’t be afraid to go with the flow and explore something that comes up unexpectedly.